Green Tourism

In Victoria Falls

Our Green Policy

At the Bayete Collection we are aware of the impact our company and our lodges have on the environment.

The Bayete Collection is committed to minimizing our impacts, through the reduction of water wastage, electricity waste and the unnecessary production of carbon emissions in all aspects of the company. We have developed some strategies and policies to reduce this impact and hope to enlist our staff and guests to help with achieving our goals of being more environmentally friendly.

Solar Geysers & Lights
Locally Sourced Produce
Low Impact Air Con
Water Saving Shower Heads
Energy Saving Bulbs
Support anti-poaching & and Local Community

Green Strategies

•  Training and educating staff  in raising awareness of sustainability and our environmental impacts, at each of the lodges, and in all areas of the business.
•  Managing waste efficiently and ensuring as much waste is recycled as possible.
•  Operating a ‘switch off’ policy throughout the company. Office staff will be encouraged to turn off computer equipment when not in use, the same applies throughout the lodges where appliances and lights will need to be turned off when not in use.
•  Sourcing sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning alternatives.
•  Implementing green gardening practices, by planting native plants, introducing bee friendly species, as well as bird baths and feeders.

We will continue to:

•  Use low energy light bulbs throughout the company.

•  Monitor our energy consumption of gas, electricity, fuel and water.

•  Turn off unnecessary lights and taps, and air-conditioning units where possible

•  Commit to the Keep It Clean Vic Falls campaign by keeping the National Parks runway clear and regularly collecting litter along the Kazangula Road.

We are currently working on:

•  Installing inverters and batteries to power the lodge as well as installing solar panels to lodges and offices where possible to minimise our energy consumption.

•  Ensure that we are compliant with government legislation, and will continually review our policies in an attempt to reduce our impact on the environment.

•  Using solar energy.

•  Extending the raw river water supply so that we have access to it.

Ways in which you can help are:

• Being water wise.
• Please hang towels you wish to reuse and leave those you would like changed on the floor.
• Please switch off lights and air conditioning when you leave your room.
• Consider sustainable tourism activities such as walks or horse rides.
• Consider donating to Greenline Africa, an Environment Africa initiative which promotes and encourages environmental awareness and action in and around Victoria Falls. They are running some very exciting projects. More information is available on the Environment Africa website:

To donate to Greenline Africa, please use this link.